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Fishing 101 - 6 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Fishing Journey

Many of you tend to forget what you have learnt during the fishing courses, especially if you do not go out fishing often. Fishing, like any other sports such as cycling or swimming, requires practice to make perfect. Here is a recap of what you were taught during the Beginner Angler's Course and Novice Angler's Course.

1. Using a Fishing Setup

This is the most basic knowledge you must know. After you get use to using a fishing setup, it will be like second nature and you can do it even with your eyes close.

2. Casting

Casting is not an absolute necessary technique but if you are good at it, you will be able to see your catch rate getting better as you will be able to apply more fishing techniques which require casting when the situation arises.

3. Getting Out of a Snag

This happens to everyone whether you are experience or not. However, with more experience, you can reduce the chances of getting into a snag, and also release your line out of a snag situation more efficiently.

4. Striking a Fish

One of the most exciting and fun aspect of fishing is when you are striking the fish i.e. setting hook. Many fish were lost due to bad hook set. This feeling of challenging the fish is also the driving factor which keep the angler coming back for more.

5. Fighting a Fish

The more experience you are in fighting a big fish, the calmer you will be. And the calmer you are, the less mistakes you will make. There are a few important things to take note when fighting a fish. We show you the basic ones in this video, and the rest, we can only tell you when a trophy fish is at the end of your line.

6. Releasing a Fish

This is one of the most important aspects in sustainable fishing but often ignored. It is vital to the future of fishing that anglers must have this concept of catch and release in mind. We shall show you how to release a fish in the proper manner to ensure its survival.

Now that you are ready to embark on your fishing journey, always remember to stay positive and have faith. You will eventually catch your dream fish.

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