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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety measures while fishing near water edge?


During the course, there willl be at least one instructor who is a strong swimmer. He/ She will be able to ensure your safety while fishing near water edges and react accordingly if any unforeseen situation should arise. Children are to be monitored by their parents at all times, and are recommended to wear their own life vest while fishing.


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safety measures


Are we allowed to take back the fish we caught?


You are definitely allowed to bring back the fish you catch if you intend to cook them. However we encourage that small fish to be released back so that they can grow and reproduce. This will create a sustainable fishing environment.


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take back fish


Am I guaranteed to catch fish during the course?


It is very important to have a positive attitude towards fishing, though there is no guarantee that you will be able to catch fish, just like a lot of things in life which are beyond our control. There is one thing that is guaranteed - You will definitely learn something after this course that you will find helpful in the future.


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guaranteed catch


What is the age requirement for attending the courses?


Please refer to the respective courses page for the age requirement.


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age requirement


Is there a different course fee for children?


No. The course fee is fixed for all ages.


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children age group


Is there an age limit for Beginner Angler's Course?


There is no age limit. However, all children who are 12 years old and below have to be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the course.


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minimum age allow


Can I bring my family members, babies, friends or helper who are not attending the course?


Yes, but all accompanying person has to pay the full course fee.


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free for minimum age


If I use my own fishing equipment, do I get a discount from the course fee?


We provide fishing equipment free for all MFFA students as a privilege from the Academy. However we encourage you to use your own setup that you are familiar with so that you will enjoy the fishing experience more. As this is a privilege, there is no discount if you use your own fishing equipment.


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equipment discount


What if I get sea sick during the ferry ride for Beginner Angler's Course?


The ferry ride will only take maximum 30 minutes. Usually you will not get sea sick within this duration on a ferry, but if you are prone to sea sickness, we recommend that you take sea sick pills 30 minutes before boarding the ferry.


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sea sick

Do I need to pre-book the ferry tickets for Beginner Angler's Course?


You do not need to book the ferry tickets yourself as it is already included in the course fee.


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pre book ferry

Can I bring along my pet for the course?


Pets might affect other students and disrupt the course. Pets are not allowed during the course.


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bring pets


What food is provided during the course or trip?


Food and drinks are not provided. There are no F&B stalls on the island. Please bring your own lunch and sufficient water to last the whole day.


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food provided


What happen if it rains?


When extreme weather condition occurs, please assume that the course or trip is still on. It will only be cancelled upon notification from MFFA either via email or phone short messaging system. MFFA's decision for cancellation is final. If the trip is cancelled by MFFA, full refund will be credited back to the credit card that you used for payment.


There shall be no refund if the course or trip is delayed by wet weather. Please bring along rain coat as the course/ trip shall continue when there is light rain. For your own safety, it shall solely be the discretion of the instructor to make adjustments to the course content or trip itinerary when extreme weather conditions occur.


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What are the cancellation charges?


Any change in date or destination is considered as cancellation.


Less than or 7 days prior to course/ trip - No refund

Less than or 14 days prior to course/ trip - 50% refund

More than 14 days prior to course/ trip - Full refund with 10% cancellation fee


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What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for fishing team building/ bonding activities?


The minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum number of participants is 120.

Please check out who are our previous clients here.


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What are the days that weekend rates are applicable for a private yacht charter?


Weekend rates are applicable to weekends, eve and public holidays. Block out dates are on Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, National Day and the respective eves. Please call us to check the rates for the block out dates.

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weekend rates


Are we allowed to choose which yacht to charter?

Yes, you are allowed to choose which yacht if you top up the additional price to upgrade your yacht.


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Yacht Option
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