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- Our mission is to introduce this age old survival skill passed down for generations from our ancestors to modern people like us, who may have lost touch with our natural world.


The main purpose of fishing was to hunt for food, but in our modern era, it has evolved into something more. It teaches us valuable lessons in life such as patience, determination, perseverance, and acceptance of what life gives us. The list goes on. And the more we learn from it, the more we will appreciate what the world offers to us.


- The academy aims to improve the quality of life through fishing.


By instilling a correct and positive attitude, we will create a fishing community that cares for our natural environment. We will learn that life is not just putting food on our families' table. The world is such a wonderful place and only when we can be in harmony with it, that we will be able to see deeper into our existence.



MFFA offers a comprehensive range of courses designed for every level of anglers. We have courses suitable for family, couples and individuals. Our courses cover anything from the basics of how to use a fishing rod to advanced fishing skills that can enable you to land your dream catch.


All our instructors went through the Instructor Training Program and are carefully selected for the specialized skills that they are expert in. Attending a course does not mean that it will be back to school classrooms. All our courses are conducted outdoors where you can smell the sea. You can combine it with an outing or a vacation with your family and friends, and have fun while learning a new survival skill.


Whatever your experience is, we have the right angler course for you.



MFFA offers fishing courses and vacations in Singapore. Where there is the sun and the sea, you can catch a fish for dinner or just simply enjoy the relaxed pace of life while experiencing the pleasure of fishing.




Captain Q is the Principal of MFFA. He graduated from National Technological University of Singapore, but is more proud of the fact that he has been fishing for more than 20 years.

His trips have taken him from Changi to Thailand, to the Andaman islands and to Mauritius, from jetties to kelongs and of course, out on the open seas where he enjoys employing different methods like jigging, popping and eging to capture his dream fish or perhaps his dinner.

He firmly believes that fishing is a sport suitable for everyone and that it is an activity that not only cultivates patience, but resilience as well. Through fishing, we can better understand and appreciate nature and thus learn the need to protect it.

Find out in the article below written by Captain Q, an interesting and unique perspective on fishing.

Fishing, for a better world!





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