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Location: Southern Islands, Singapore


per pax

$357 for our students


THREE fishing trips to the

Southern Islands of Singapore



Other than using bait, there are many fishing techniques such as jigging, luring, popping, eging, etc., and every technique is an art itself. The Intermediate Angler's Course will introduce you to the two most popular and effective fishing technique - jigging and luring. When these two techniques are used correctly at the right time, they can be more effective than baiting.


As jigging and luring involve smooth coordination between the rod movement and line retrieval, the angler has to be very familiar with handling a fishing setup and sensitive to the rod action. The course will span over three fishing trips to the Southern Islands. Fishing is not about putting food on the dinner table anymore, it is about outwitting and outlasting the hunted. A transitional phase from a regular angler to become a true sports angler.



Novice Angler's Course




18 years old and above



- THREE Southern Islands Fishing Trips (Party Fishing)

- Angler's kit which includes 3 x jigs, 3 x rubber lures, 3 x Tenya & 3 x Madai

  (Please bring the Angler's kit along for every trip.)

- $100 discount on private yacht charter

- Fishing equipment rental required for the course

- MFFA certificate upon completion of course

- FREE fishing setup when you refer 3 friends to sign up for Beginner Angler's Course



Requires 1 medium light setup

(rod: PE 1-2, length 5ft-6ft, reel size 2500-3000 with PE2 line)


Fishing equipment and accessories are provided free of charge to all students of MFFA, however, we encourage you to bring your own so that you can grow to become an independent angler.​

After the course, you will be able to:


- Jig with proper jigging techniques

- Lure with rubber lures


- Understand what kind of rod and reel setup to work different jigs or lures


- Control the rod to work on the actions of the jigs and lures

- Use Tenya and Madai effectively


- Click the 'Book Now' button below and complete the online form with your payment


- A code will be sent to you to book the 3 fishing trips.


- Go to Southern Islands fishing or our Calendar to check the 'Party Fishing Trip' schedule and make your booking using the code.


- Complete the course of 3 trips at YOUR OWN TIME within 12 months from the date of signing up to be certified as an Intermediate Angler.


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