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Meet our friendly Academy instructors
Wei Loon


Wei Loon is a project manager at work and an avid angler at play. His father taught him fishing when he was young and Wei Loon has never looked back. Facing tight schedules and different challenges every day, fishing is his favourite gateway to release stresses from work.


Hailing from Perak, Malaysia, Weiloon's fishing exploratory trips have taken him from estuaries to obscure rivers where he enjoys both jigging and luring. Fishing brings him closer to the wild and through the years, he learnt to respect and treasure the beauty of nature.


Wei Loon's favourite fishing technique is light jigging as it gives him satisfaction when he is able to fool a fish with a piece of metal. He is constantly honing his skills and truly believes that fishing is a journey, and not a destination.

Kylie Tia


Kylie has a degree from National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education. She has been an educator for the last 15 years and now brings her experience across to the teaching of fishing knowledge and techniques.


Having been fishing for almost 10 years, Kylie finds that she enjoys light jigging and eging the most and thus counts the kelong and boat trips to Malaysia as her favourite. One of her favourite past-times is eating, so Kylie would occasionally experiment with different ways of cooking and eating her catch.


Like what she always teaches her students, Kylie believes that anglers can enjoy fishing with minimal disturbance to the environment and that the catching and releasing of fish whenever applicable is the way to sustainability.


Raymond Ang


Raymond started fishing when he was in Secondary 1 with a group of friends. Back then, they did not know how to use the fishing tackle that one of his friends bought. A kind uncle showed them the correct way to setup a fishing rod and how to tie hooks during one of their fishing trips. They caught a few groupers that day and there was no stopping Raymond from fishing since then.

He is very passionate about fishing. When he goes on holiday with his family, he will always try to arrange a day to bring his kids to go fishing with him.


Raymond prefers offshore jigging and popping, and have been to places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Maldives to fish.

Edmund Tan aka ET


Edmund Tan is a reputable angler in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Currently he is also a field tester for a major fishing tackle manufacturer which requires him to travel in this region to test new products.


He has won numerous surfcasting competitions in Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, in his spare time, Edmund does almost anything associated with fishing such as custom rod building, assist hook tying and net casting. An aircraft technican by occupation, he can also be found near good food, motorcycles and cycling on his off days.


Having been fishing for over 2 decades, Edmund has seen a huge decline in the local fish population. Hence he is a strong believer in catch and release for a sustainable future. He advocates proper fishing ethics and is often educating the younger generation anglers to keep our waters clean by not throwing rubbish into the sea.

Andrew Lai


Andrew's first catch when he was still a teenager was an eel off the East Coast breakwaters in Singapore, though he was not so into fishing then. However, things changed in 2007, when a visit to a Malaysian kelong not only reignited his passion for this sport but got him hooked for good.


Other than going kelongs, he also enjoys eging and deep sea fishing. After landing numerous bonitos during a Pekan trip with Captain Q and Wei Loon using micro jigs, jigging has become one of his new interests.


Andrew works in the oil and gas sector serving oil refineries in Asia Pacific region. The perks of his job enables him to travel around to visit mega tackle shops and experience unique native coastal fishing methods. This exposure has helped Andrew become a very detail oriented and well-prepared angler on every fishing trip.


At the age of 16. Ash discovered his passion for fishing and took up the hobby as an outlet to relax and to take a break from the chore of constant school tasks. It all began when he went down to the Swan River one evening, located no more than 5 minutes from where he lived in Fremantle, Perth, and it was there that he hooked and caught his first fish - a Black Bream. He didn't realise it at the time, but it was really the fish which had him hooked.


He has since travelled to an array of countries touring vastly differing terrains from the isolated Dampier archipelagos to our scenic local reservoirs in pursuit of that trophy fish. In 2017, he caught a 8 foot long Tiger Shark weighing in at an estimated 250kg which marks his most memorable catch to date.


He now enjoys sharing his experience and the knowledge that's been accumulated over the years to help young anglers successfully begin their fishing journey, while instilling a sense of environmental awareness and conservation as well.


Grouper Singapore
Giant Trevally Singapore
Rainey Loi


Rainey started his fishing journey at 12 when his dad brought him to Sentosa to fish for the first time. Ever since that memorable trip, fishing has become his passion and identity. His interests are further deepened by reading magazines about the thrills from wonderful fishing experiences. 


He loves luring as it requires a lot of patience and skill to use an artificial plastic bait to entice a fish. His usual playground is around reservoirs - targeting fishes like Giant Snakehead, Asian Arowana and Peacock bass. When a predatory fish attacks his lure at topwater, even if the hookup is not successful, or the fish struggles and manage to break loose, it is sufficient to give him an adrenaline rush. 

Fishing also allows him to meet new anglers and make more friends.

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