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Location: Southern Islands, Singapore


Congratulations on coming this far in your fishing journey, now you will have already known the various methods of bottom fishing, and the techniques to use jigs and lures.


Next is practice makes perfect. This course is made up of 6 party fishing trips so you will have more chance to meet other like-minded anglers to share each other's fishing experience, which is part of learning too.

You will also get to learn from the experts, advance fishing techniques such as popping, micro-jigging, slow-fall jigging, walk-the-dog luring, etc., rod building, boat handling, and many more through our workshops.



Intermediate Angler's Course




18 years old and above



- SIX Southern Islands Fishing Trips (Party Fishing)

- Free 4 hours fishing yacht charter (weekday) during your birthday month

- Exclusive invitations to MFFA overseas trips

- Fishing equipment rental required for the course

- MFFA certificate upon completion of course

- FREE fishing setup when you refer 3 friends to sign up for Beginner Angler's Course



Requires 1 medium light setup

(rod: PE 1-2, length 5ft-6ft, reel size 2500-3000 with PE2 line)


Fishing equipment and accessories are provided free of charge to all students of MFFA, however, we encourage you to bring your own so that you can grow to become an independent angler.​


per pax

$714 for our students


SIX fishing trips to the

Southern Islands of Singapore

After the course, you will have learnt most of the fishing techniques used in Singapore waters including knowledge from attending the workshops.

Most importantly, you will also learn to be a responsible angler to practise sustainable fishing and protect our marine environment.


- Click the 'Book Now' button below and complete the online form with your payment


- We will send you an email with details on how to book your fishing trips and claim for your benefits.


- Complete the course of six trips at YOUR OWN TIME within 12 months from the date of signing up to be certified as an Intermediate Angler.


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