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What is CSR?

It is a program to encourage businesses to make a positive impact on social, environmental and economic factors.

How Are we Able to help you? 

We help you arrange a entertaining session to realise the importance of responsibility of the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility


What does it cover?



Studies have shown that employees who are more active in outdoor activities have clearer minds and higher productivity. Let your staff have some fun trying out fishing!


This activity aims to induce team-bonding in a fun and innovative way of using fishing and its techniques. On top of learning the basics of sustainable fishing, participants will also learn the values of preserving natural resources for future generation.




  • Work as a team to achieve the team’s goals

  • Learn the importance of focus, patience and perseverance

  • Know the basics of sustainable fishing

  • handling fishing set-up confidently

  • releasing of Juvenile fish unharmed

  • upkeeping fishing group



8 and above




4 to 8 hours

Meet The Team

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