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Journey of an Angler

Teach fishing give us great sense of joy and achievement especially when we see our students apply the techniques that were taught and land their prized catch. One of our students, Ren Hao, who joined the Beginner Angler's Course last year becomes an avid angler now.

After learning the basics of fishing from shore, he continued his quest as an angler to learn how to fish from a boat in the Novice Angler's Course. His journey was not a bed of roses. He could get the fish to bite but all of them were quite small. However we knew that he would definitely catch more reasonably sized fish in the future because he applied the correct technique.

Few weeks later, he came on board our academy fishing yacht during one of our Southern Islands Party Fishing Trip, and that was when his perseverance paid off. He caught a Diamond Trevally and a Golden Trevally in one trip! Both of these fish are very good fighters but Ren Hao handled the situation well and subdued them.

The Diamond Trevally initially burst of energy will put your adrenaline pumping. If the drag is too loose, the hook will not be able to set and if the drag is too high, the hook might tear from its fragile lips.

The Golden Trevally endurance and brute force is not to be reckoned with. Any tiny bit of slack line given to the fish during the fight, it might just throw the hook off its mouth in that split second.

Here is a video of the trip with the trevallies. There was a huge take during this trip too. Check out what was the outcome.

Ren Hao is very keen in exploring new methods of fishing and during his last trip, he caught his first coral trout using jig!

Coral Trout is one of the prized fish in Singapore waters. This trout is still at its juvenile stage and was released promptly after photo taking. We believe that he will be joining the Intermediate Angler's Course soon to learn more on jigging and luring.

There were other fish caught too during the trip like this Spanish Flag Snapper. We have seen the growth of an angler from a beginner to a confident angler who practises catch and release to ensure the sustainability in the fish population, and most importantly, has a positive mind set.

There is no losing in fishing. It's either you catch or you learn.

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