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Tips on Drift Fishing

Two months ago, we sent out a newsletter on how to fish effectively while the boat is drifting. We have compiled the tips in this blog to serve as easy reference for your next fishing trip.

1) Bait MUST always be at the BOTTOM

Since the underwater terrain is like a roller-coaster, you will have to constantly 'tap' your sinker against the sea bed to always position your bait in the high strike zone.

2) FEEL your line

Let the main line runs through your thumb and index finger when you drop your line into the sea. You will be able to feel the line suddenly stops running out when the sinker hits the sea bed. During strong currents, the line will NEVER stop going out. However you will be able to feel a slow down in the line going out rate when it hits bottom.

3) The boat is NOT stationary

A novice angler will easily mistaken a snag for a fish pulling the line, when in fact, it is the boat drifting away from the snagged spot. Always do the actions mentioned in point 1 & 2 above to decrease your chances of a snag. When you are unsure of where your line or sinker is, reel up your line all the way and drop the bait down again.

Experience it yourself beats a thousand words. Join more fishing trips and it will just be a matter time before you master drift fishing.

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