8 Places to go Fishing on Singapore Shores

Are you one of our students who had asked us this question - "Where can I go fishing after I have completed the Beginner Angler's Course?"

To answer your question, we have compiled a list of salt water fishing spots around Singapore together with some fishing tips for you to explore.

1. Bedok Jetty

This jetty is one of the most popular fishing spots of all time. To some anglers, fishing at Bedok jetty is their weekly routine. There were a couple of breathtaking catches landed at this historical spot too, like this giant stingray.

Do not get your expectations too high though. Landing a monster of this size requires perseverance, patience and years of experience. Talk to the regular anglers there and dig out a tip or two.

Hint: The best bait is always the bait that you can catch at the fishing spot.

2. Changi Beach

This stretch of beach is known to produce big stingrays too like this Leopard Ray.

It can get real quiet and peaceful when fishing at this area. There are a handful of anglers who can camp there overnight or even for a couple of days to wait for the trophy fish to take their bait. Be careful of centipedes when you are camping there though.

Hint: Sand whitings are commonly found there and are very effective as bait to target their predators.

3. Changi Boardwalk

Facing Pulau Ubin and Johor Bahru, this is a scenic and relaxing place to wet your lines. This is a hot spot for eging (fishing for squid) too.

Other than being fresh sashimi and calamari, squid is a very effective bait for fishing at night.

Hint: Always go eging when there is no moon because the boardwalk lights will be a prominent light source that attracts the squids.

4. Breakwaters along East Coast Park

There are many breakwaters along the 15km stretch of East Coast Park. These structures serve as good hiding place for predators to ambush their prey.

Go and cast your bait or lure around these structures, it might be physically demanding as you walk from one breakwaters to another, but the reward will be fulfilling.

Hint: Cast far does not mean higher chance of getting a hit.

5. Punggol Point Jetty

Punggol Jetty has transformed from a quiet jetty to an idyllic waterfront destination. There are playground, lookout decks and various restaurants. You can bring your fishing gears along during an family outing and slot in a quick fishing session.

The more common species that can be caught here is the spotted sickle fish.

Hint: Prawn cubes are their favourite snacks.

6. Sembawang Park Jetty

Lies at the very tip of Sembawang Park is a small jetty facing the Johor Straits. Various species of catfish can be caught in the brackish waters here.

Be careful of the venomous spikes at both the side fins and the dorsal fin. Use pliers to cut the spikes off if you intend to bring the fish home.

Hint: Catfish uses its sense of smell to look for food.

7. Woodlands Waterfront Park Jetty

Adjacent to this jetty is the Woodlands causeway which effectively block off the flow of water currents, so the water here is calm and still. Yet there were many catch reports of barracudas and barramundis from this fishing spot.

Sometimes schools of bait fish can be seen near the water surface. Catch them using sabiki and hook them up as bait.

Hint: The water here is very swallow, you can try using float instead of sinker.

8. Labrador Jetty

After years of stabilizing the slopes at the entrance of the jetty, it is recently re-opened again for fishing. The sea bed is very rocky which means your line will get stuck easier. But then high risk high returns, the elusive cobia was caught at this spot before.

Hint: Cobia likes big bait. Keep yourself busy by catching the smaller fish while waiting for the big one.

Do not give up on a spot if you catch nothing during your first try. All spots have their own unique effective bite times. Try at different times of the day, different days of the month, and different tide conditions. Fishing is a life long journey, take it one step at a time and slowly discover its beauty.

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