8 Places to go Fishing on Singapore Shores

Are you one of our students who had asked us this question - "Where can I go fishing after I have completed the Beginner Angler's Course?"

To answer your question, we have compiled a list of salt water fishing spots around Singapore together with some fishing tips for you to explore.

1. Bedok Jetty

This jetty is one of the most popular fishing spots of all time. To some anglers, fishing at Bedok jetty is their weekly routine. There were a couple of breathtaking catches landed at this historical spot too, like this giant stingray.

Do not get your expectations too high though. Landing a monster of this size requires perseverance, patience and years of experience. Talk to the regular anglers there and dig out a tip or two.

Hint: The best bait is always the bait that you can catch at the fishing spot.

2. Changi Beach

This stretch of beach is known to produce big stingrays too like this Leopard Ray.

It can get real quiet and peaceful when fishing at this area. There are a handful of anglers who can camp there overnight or even for a couple of days to wait for the trophy fish to take their bait. Be careful of centipedes when you are camping there though.