Why You Should Date a Guy who Fish

On the first date:

Girl: I love shopping, romantic movies but comedies are fine too, and I soooo love travelling. What about you?

Guy: Erm.. You know erm.. I love fishing and stuff… You know..? Fish.

(This moment is when the Guy felt he chose the wrong hobby.)

Hello our dear MFFA fellow readers! We know we have been inactive in our blog and that's because we were really busy putting smiles on our students' faces with the fishes. Fret not, here’s a post, and be prepared for more to come.

After conducted so many fun and memorable courses throughout all these years, we have come to realize 1 BIG issue for our attached male anglers. Some say this is a crisis, an inevitable payback to be born fishing loving, I say.. This is SHARK SHIT and it doesn’t make any FISHING SENSE at all!

Our instructors heard many stories