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Why You Should Date a Guy who Fish

On the first date:

Girl: I love shopping, romantic movies but comedies are fine too, and I soooo love travelling. What about you?

Guy: Erm.. You know erm.. I love fishing and stuff… You know..? Fish.

(This moment is when the Guy felt he chose the wrong hobby.)

Hello our dear MFFA fellow readers! We know we have been inactive in our blog and that's because we were really busy putting smiles on our students' faces with the fishes. Fret not, here’s a post, and be prepared for more to come.

After conducted so many fun and memorable courses throughout all these years, we have come to realize 1 BIG issue for our attached male anglers. Some say this is a crisis, an inevitable payback to be born fishing loving, I say.. This is SHARK SHIT and it doesn’t make any FISHING SENSE at all!

Our instructors heard many stories and quotes of how an angler will choose fishing over his girlfriend or wife. Ladies, please, this is definitely NOT true. What is true is our hearts for you is true, nothing is going to change this fact.

1) He knows when to hold you close and when to let you fly.

Fighting a fish is never about whether you are stronger or the fish is stronger, same is true for any relationships. When the fish pulls, we will let it run. And when it stops running, we will reel it in. If we try to pull in the fish while the fish is running, there is a high chance that the line will snap and we will lose the fish forever.

We know when to hold you close and pull you near. And when you feel like being with your girlfriends or by yourself, we understand and we plan our day as wisely as we can *cough.. tide calendar.. fishing… cough*. Holding on too tight or letting loose at the wrong time may just 'snap' the relationship line.

2) He is a fisher, but more a lover.

Just simply bringing a lovely lady to a romantic dinner is something every guy on earth can think of. But what an average guy can do.. We can do more. An angler has to be sensitive about his lure colour, weight, movement, type of line, poundage, knots, hooks... in order to hook a puny fish. Luring a fish is not an easy task.

Just like how we research, and try, and ask, and con, and go temple, and whatever fish ways you can think of to find out what a fish likes to eat, we know what is your favourite food before you even know it yourself.

Imagine this, the sun is glaring hot.. heat is radiating even from the concrete pavement.. You end up in an extravagant and fancy restaurant serving the finest steak, but you cannot find the food you want. Spent hundreds of dollars but all you ever wanted was just an ice-cream on top of a waffle, or even an ice-kachang was fine to cool down your day. I can assure you this much, WE ANGLERS WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. All these are from our years of training of being observant of the fish feeding behaviour and their favourite environment to hang around.

3) A Nature-loving guy…

Fishing is an activity which requires us to soak all our senses in nature. An angler who doesn’t love nature is not a true angler. Many anglers fish just for the nature’s magical touch, more than often, alone. This is why many people mistook us as anti-social or a loner.

Believe it or not, the very moment when a fish takes our lure, a strange and explainable magical connection is established. We don’t go like, “HEY you this fish, I’m gonna fish you up you fish!” In actual fact, we begin to fall into a world where only both of us exist, and a love-hate hate-love bond is formed. To be honest, sometimes I even kissed the fish before I would release it back. It is a wonderful feeling.

Quote from Lord Bryon: 'I love man not the less but nature more.' A man sometimes just need a bit of me-space and me-time, to discover himself, and to better appreciate the world around him. After all, loves a man who loves nature will never go wrong in a million years.

4) Perseverance.

Patience and perseverance are two iron clad rules every last man on earth knows about. Anglers will not give up easily and will always try all means to hunt for that elusive fish. This is one of the most important aspect in life as well as in a relationship.

Giving up is not in our dictionary, for anglers are all stubborn when it comes to this. We will never walk away on you when there is a problem. We will find all the fish ways we can think of to overcome the issues.

We assure you that fishing is just a passionate hobby, and that is that. We have heard anglers’ partners’ complaints, but we have never heard of an angler choosing fishing over their loved ones. And if you happen to fall in love with fishing together with an angler... you are definitely born under a lucky star.

Happy fishing!

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