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10 Amazing Similarities Between Pokemon Hunting and Fishing

One is using a smartphone and the other is using a rod and reel. Pokemon hunting and fishing seem to be worlds apart, but if you take a closer look, they are so similar that it will surprise you.

1) Perseverance

You have to walk around a lot to hunt for the pokemon that you want with a cap and bagpack.

So is fishing which anglers trek through nature to their fishing spots with a cap and bagpack.

2) Hunting the Unknown

It is often unpredictable what you will catch in fishing.

And this is exactly what keeps anglers and Pokemon hunters going. The pursuit of the elusive yet attainable.

3) Nests

There are pokemon nests where a specific pokemon will keep spawning.

So is the same for fish, there are spots where they gather in HUGE numbers.

Finding one of their nests is like hitting the jackpot!

4) Common Types

There are always common types of fish like the Indian Snapper around for us to catch to pass time.

And in pokemon, we have the Rattata and Pidgey to entertain us on our MRT ride.

5) Rare Types

The elusive fat lazy Grouper is considered rare in Singapore.

But you still can catch them if you are lucky enough.

Just like when you want to catch the elusive fat lazy Snorlax.

6) Location Specified

Sometimes anglers fly to the other end of the world to catch a certain species of fish.

So does the Pokemon hunter who wants to catch them all.

7) Equipment

To land your prize catch, you will usually use a stronger reel, rod and line to increase your chances.

And of course when a Blastoise stands in your path, you will also catch it with the strongest ultraball.

Not to mention that even if you manage to get a hookup or contain a Pokemon in a pokeball, they might still escape.

8) Faith

It requires a lot of faith to believe in a harmless flipping fish which can one day evolve into one of the most powerful Pokemon.

A young child has to believe in himself that all his experiences gathered in catching small fish will one day make him the sports angler he hopes to be.

9) Unique Story

Behind every Pokemon caught, there is a story to tell.

"I was out at sea sailing when this Lapras appeared surrounded by a few Magikarps as its sidekicks. It took me countless ultraballs and an excellent throw to tame it!"

Behind every fish lost, there is also a story.

"It took the bait and kept running non-stop. The reel was burning hot and within a minute all my 500m line was gone. I suspect the dogtooth was this big!"

10) Highly Addictive

Lastly, these two games/sports are both highly addictive. Don't blame us that we didn't warn you.

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