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How Many Types of Fish Can You Catch at Lazarus Island?

Lazarus Island is one of the few locations left in Singapore that house very healthy reef ecosystem. During low tides, you can see colourful sea fans, spiky sea urchins and playful reef fishes swimming among the anemone through the crystal clear water.

You will be amazed by the vast species of fish that you can catch there. Even we ourselves are often surprised by new species caught by our students during the Beginner Angler's Course. Let us share the catches from our students at Lazarus Island. Don't hold your breath.

1. Blue Spotted Grouper

2. Indian Grouper

3. Bluelined Hind

4. Clown Fish

5. Bumpnose Trevally

6. Brownback Trevally

7. Yellowtail Fusilier

8. Yellowstripe Scad

9. Yellowtail Scad

10. Spanish Flag Snapper

11. Emperor Snapper

12. Indian Snapper

13. Sea Bream

14. Saw-jawed Monocle Bream

15. Butterfly Whiptail

16. Silver Biddy

17. Charcoal Damsel

18. White Damsel

19. Floral Wrasse

20. Diamond Wrasse

21. Yellow Cheek Tuskfish

22. Black Spot Tuskfish

23. Carpet Eel Blenny

24. Lizardfish

25. Mud Reef Goby

26. Pufferfish

27. Eeltail Catfish

28. Cardinal Fish

29. Leatherjacket

30. Remora

31. Rabbitfish

32. Threespine Toadfish

33. Solefish

34. Crab!?

To date, there are a total of 33 species of fish you can find in one place! And we believe that there are more to come. This is one good way to learn interesting fish names.

P/S: All fish were released safely back to the sea after photo taking.

We will be constantly updating this post as our students discover more new species.

Do you want to catch those fishes by yourself? Join our Beginner Angler's Course.

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