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10 Facts about Marine Creatures that Will Amaze You

It is always astonishing to see how nature works, here are 10 amazing facts about marine creatures.

1. Hypnotized sharks

The actual term is called tonic immobility. We are still not certain of its function but if you put your palm on the nose of a shark and flip it on its back, it will become dead still. Now you will know what to do when you see a shark's fin emerge beside you when you are swimming.

2. Barnacle glue

Barnacles are one of the most hated marine lifeform to boaters because of the strong superglue they create that can virtually stick to any surface. The amazing fact is that this glue actually binds together exactly the same way our blood does when it clots. In the future, the doctors may just use barnacles glue to stick your fractured bones together.

3. Octopus the shape shifter

The octopus is not only a master of shape shifting but is able to mimick its background by changing their colour and the texture of its skin. As it can change shape easily, it is also known for being the greatest escape artist because it can squeeze into any gap that you think is impossible for it to escape from.

4. Stingray's unconditional love

Female stingrays are known to give birth to their young when they are caught. Sensing that they are going to die soon in captivity, they will give birth, sometimes even when the fetuses are not mature yet. The babies maybe born with tiny yellow yolks still sticking to their bellies. Next time when you catch a stingray, save the whole family by releasing it.

5. Romantic pufferfish

A species of male pufferfish shows its charm to its potential mate by building amazing circular patterns on the sandy seabed. Can you spot the romantic cute little puffer in the photo? The enchanted female will lay its eggs at the center of the circles and then the male will fertilise the eggs. If only this works for humans too, engineers will be very popular among the babes.

6. Bobbit worm

Worms have always been at the bottom of the food chain but in this case, the table has turned. Bobbit worms (Eunice aphroditois) are known to hunt small fish with their fangs, and the force can be so strong because of its high speed, the fish can sometimes be snapped into two in an instant. The longest bobbit worm recorded is 3 meters! Though you may only see the tip of the bobbit on the seabed.

7. Disgustingly Cute Sea Pig

Sea pigs are actually a type of sea cucumber and they live in the deepest and coldest part of the ocean. Born without a brain, their sole purpose is to clean up the ocean floor of decaying plant and animal corpses. We are still deciding whether it is considered a cute or disgusting pig.

8. Angler Fish's Ultimate Sacrifice

The tiny male angler fish is born without any digestive system. So once he is hatched, he will have to find a female quickly so that he can bite on her body and never let go again. An enzyme is released to dissolve his and her skin which holds the couple in an eternal embrace. When the female is ready to spawn, sperm will be released from his body which has already become a lump on her body.

9. Pregnant Seahorse Daddy

One of the greatest thing a mother can do for her children is to go through the pain of child birth but in the world of the seahorse, it is the father who gets pregnant and delivers his offspring. The male seahorse gets buns in his oven when the female deposits her eggs into the male pouch and leaves him to deal with the labour alone.

10. Transparent Eels

You may think this is an alien creation from the movies but think again. This transparent eerie creature is actually an eel in its larva stage. Its body is made up of a transparent jelly like substance and very small organs. It will be able to swim to and fro in front of a TV screen without being sweared at.

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