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  • Who is My Fishing Frenzy Academy?
    My Fishing Frenzy Academy, MFFA, is a school which promotes healthy lifestyle to people and more contact with nature, particularly the ocean. MFFA is founded in 2015 and currently has more than 1,300 students in the academy.
  • What is the LifeUp plan about?
    The LifeUp yearly plan is a program which offers you savings and rewards in your yacht charters, fishing trips, equipment and accessories. This means you get more. More savings. More exclusive deals. More of the lifestyle you love.
  • How can I be a member of MFFA?
    Anyone who wants to improve his or her quality of life can be a member of MFFA by signing up for the LifeUp yearly subscription plan.
  • How do I receive the cash rewards by recommending to my friends?
    During the duration of your subscription, whenever who sign up for the LifeUp Plan and mentioned that he/ she is referred by you, you will received $400 cash per person, up to a maxmum of 10 person i.e. $4,000 cash reward. Also, when the number of people referred by you who signed up for the Beginner Course reaches 100 person during your one year tenure, you will receive the full cash back of $1,699 cash. You will receive your cash reward via PayNow or PayLah linked to the contact number you have registered with us, or alternatively via bank transfer. You will have to provide us with your bank account details for bank transfer. The transactions will be carried out within 3 working days after we receive the booking from your friend.
  • How can your friend mention that his/ her LifeUp Plan sign up is referred by you?
    Your friend has to key in your FULL name that you have registered with us in the remarks section during his/ her sign up online, or drop us a message at +65-90037485, or email us at for you to be entitled to the $400 cash reward.
  • How can my friend be entitled to the $38 per pax rate for Beginner Angler's Course?
    After you signed up for the LifeUp Plan, you will be given a unique discount code. You can give this code to your friends or anyone you like including yourself to enjoy the discount. When the number of people who uses this discount code reaches 100 person within the year of your subscription plan, we will give you back your full subscription fee in cash. However, the same person cannot sign up for the Beginner Angler's Course more than once using the special rate.
  • Can I use the member rate for Beginner Angler's Course for corporate events?
    No, the rate cannot be used for corporate events.
  • What payment method may I use to sign up for LifeUp Plan?
    We accept PayPal and credit card for online sign ups. You can also use PayNow or PayLah to transfer the subscription fee to us at this mobile number +65-90037485. Please send us a screenshot of your transaction to the same mobile number via WhatsApp or SMS. For bank transfer, please email to us for more details.
  • Will I automatically be charged the next year membership fee after my current year of membership?
    No, you will not be automatically charged. We will send you a reminder email to renew your subscription when it is going to end.
  • Can I sign up for the program if I live outside Singapore?
    Yes, you can. We have many members who are tourists or frequent business travellers to Singapore.
  • How long will my MFFA membership last?
    Your membership will last for 12 months from the date you signed up.
  • How can I renew my membership?
    We will send you a reminder email when your membership is about to end. You will be able to renew your membership from there. Upon renewal, you will receive the current offerings of the program which may/ may not be the same as your previous membership tenure.
  • What happens to my unused benefits after expiry of my membership?
    Unfortunately all unused benefits will be forfeited upon expiry of your LifeUp Plan. If you want to enjoy the benefits again, please re-subscribe to the program. Upon re-subscription, you will receive the current offerings of the program which may/ may not be the same as your previous membership tenure.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You need not cancel your subscription as it will end automatically after your subscription period of 12 months. There will not be any auto renewal.
  • Will my subscription fee be refunded if I cancel my subscription before it ends?
    Unfortunately, there will not be any refund on the subscription fee. You can still enjoy the benefits until the end of your subscription.
  • What does full day charter refer to?
    Full day charter refer to private yacht charter to the Southern Islands of Singapore. You can choose whether BBQ option need or need not be included.
  • How do I claim my one time private yacht charter?
    You will be given a unique code for you to enter in the booking page that entitles you for one time private yacht charter. You can choose to add in the BBQ option or not at no additional costs. We advise you to book your preferred date early if it falls on weekends or public holidays as they are the most popular.
  • Which category of yacht am I entitled to for the charter?
    You are entitled to the yachts in the Adventure Category. However, you can upgrade your yacht by topping up the amount shown in the respective yacht's details.
  • Can I choose a specific yacht in the Adventure Category for my free charter?
    The yacht will be automatically assigned to you based on availability after you make the booking. Please email to us if you have a special request for a particular yacht and we can make arrangements for you subjected to the availability of the yacht.
  • Can I charter the private yacht for my friend?
    You can charter the yacht for your friend under your name. However, we will have to get the contact information of the person coming on board. You can also recommend your friend to sign up for the LifeUp Plan to get the free yacht charter and you will be rewarded with $400 cash.
  • Can the entitlement for yacht charter be on weekends or public holidays?
    Yes, you can charter the yacht for weekends or public holidays as long as the yacht is available.
  • Will I be guaranteed a yacht charter or party fishing trip on a weekend or my preferred date?
    The bookings for yacht charter and party fishing trips are strictly on a first-come-first basis. MFFA can guarantee that you will be able to utilise the free charter and trips within your tenure if you book 3 months in advance, but cannot guarantee that you will get a weekend charter or fishing trip. If all weekend dates and slots are full, you can still book your charters and trips on weekdays. We advise you to book early.
  • Will I get a refund from the difference between weekend and weekday yacht charter rates if I choose to use my entitlement on a weekday?
    The entitlement is for you to charter the private yacht on any day (subjected to availability). There is no refund of the difference in rates between weekend and weekday. However, we will give you 1 more Party Fishing credit if your charter is on a non public holiday weekday.
  • Will I get a refund for the optional costs of BBQ if I do not take up the BBQ option in my entitlement for one yacht charter with BBQ?
    The BBQ option is a complimentary service from MFFA to our LifeUp Plan members. You will not be refunded if you do not take up the BBQ option. However, we will give you 2 free Party Fishing credits if you are not taking up the BBQ option for your free charter.
  • How do I claim the Party Fishing credits that I am entitled to as a member?
    You will be given a unique code for you to make booking in the Party Fishing booking page to claim for your trips. You can also use this code to book the trip for your friend.
  • Can I book Party Fishing trips for my friend at $30 off too?
    No, you can book the Party Fishing trip at discounted rate for yourself only. You can recommend your friend to sign up for the LifeUp Plan to enjoy the same benefits as you and you will be rewarded $400 cash.
  • How can my friend book the Party Fishing trip with me if he is not a member?
    Your friend can either use one of the free credits given to you, or book through Wanderlust Adventures at non member rate. The Party Fishing dates in MFFA and Wanderlust Adventures are the same. You and your friend will be going on the same trip when you choose the same date.
  • Can I use the party fishing credits for fishing course?
    Yes, as a priviledge to our LifeUp members, MFFA will conduct the courses for you using your Party Fishing credits. Novice Angler's Course - 1 Party Fishing Credit Intermediate Angler's Course - 4 Party Fishing Credits Please inform us in advance so that we can assign an instructor and prepare the teaching materials.
  • Will my Party Fishing credits or Yacht Charter entitlements be forfeited if the dates are fully booked till my subscription ends?
    Unfortunately, the entitlements will be forfeited. Hence we recommend that you plan and book your fishing trips and yacht charters early especially if your preferred date is on a weekend or public holiday.
  • Is it safe to be out at sea on a yacht?
    Our yacht undergoes stringent yearly safety inspections from Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, MPA, to carry passengers on board. Singapore waters are also calm and extremely safe for you to enjoy a day out at sea.
  • Which are the MFFA affiliated tackle shops?
    We are constantly working to look for more tackle shops to offer discounts and vouchers to our members. You can refer to this link for the list of current affiliated tackle shops.
  • How do I enjoy the discounts and vouchers at affiliated tackle shops?
    You will be given an ID and password to log into the MFFA portal after you sign up. Please show the profile page with your profile photo to the staff in the tackle shop to enjoy the benefits.
  • What are the contents of the workshops?
    MFFA will invite experts from different fields to share their knowledge with you in the workshops. The topics can be fishing techniques like jigging, luring, popping, etc. or equipment related like reel repair and maintenance and rod building, or anything that can make you a better angler, like types of bait, casting techniques, etc.
  • Where can I find the schedule of the workshops?
    MFFA is currently finalising the topics and dates with the presenters and will inform our members via newsletters.
  • What are the exclusive invitations to overseas fishing trips?
    MFFA is associated with several fishing communities all over world and we organise overseas fishing trips regularly for anglers in our community to gain more exposure to fishing in other countries. The most frequently visited countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and sometimes Maldives.

If you cannot find your answers in the FAQ, please drop us an email at and we will get back to you shortly.

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