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1. Safety jackets are kept in the cabin with the safety jackets logo. You can access the life jackets in times of emergency.


2. When the yacht is cruising, passengers are not allowed to walk around the bow and stern.​


3. Tissue paper, toilet paper, sanitary pads or any other form of undissolvable items should not be thrown into the toilet bowl. Please use the bidet by the side for washing.


4. Fishing equipment is not allowed in the cabin. Please tie your knots and rigs at exterior areas i.e. deck and stern seats.


5. Please throw all rubbish and unwanted fishing lines into the rubbish bins provided. Strictly no throwing of rubbish on the deck, into the washing basin or into the sea.​


6. We promote catch and release of juvenile fish. Decision by the Captain of the yacht is final to release or keep the fish.


7. We recommend the use of apparel to shield the sun i.e. caps, bandanas, arm sleeve covers, etc. If sunblock is to be used, please follow the rules below:


  • Spray type sunblock is not allowed as it will cause the deck to be permanently stained. If lotion type sun block is to be used, it should be in moderate amount.


  • Sunblock application is not allowed in the cabin and should only be applied when you are outdoors.


  • If you have sunblock on your hands, do not touch the bait or dip your hands into the live bait well as it will contaminate the bait or kill the live bait.


8. Please remove your foot wear before you board the yacht. Your foot wear will be kept on board until you alight from the yacht.


9. Smoking is not allowed in the cabin. Please smoke outdoors and be considerate by asking the other anglers nearby if they mind before smoking. Cigarette butts have to be extinguished by water and thrown into the rubbish bins.


10. In the event of a dispute, the Captain’s decision is final.


Passengers/ Anglers who do not follow the house rules on board will be requested to disembark the yacht immediately at the nearest marina/ pier, without compensation for any costs or losses incurred by the incompliant passenger/ angler.

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