Tips on Anchored Fishing

July 6, 2017

Last week, we posted 'Tips on Drift Fishing' - a technique which requires quite a fair bit of experience to master. Today we shall share with you tips on another common boat fishing method - anchored fishing. As literal as it sounds, anchored fishing simply means fishing on an anchored boat, it is easier to master this technique however there are some tips which can differentiate your catch from other anglers.



1) Search for the Sweet Spot


You may wonder how to search for spots when you are stuck on an anchored boat? There are actually a couple of ways to do it.


- You can cast your bait out, let it sinks to the bottom and slowly 'bounce' your bait back towards the boat. 'Bounce' the bait is a process of lifting the bait up with your rod, retrieve a few meters of line and let the bait sink down to the new spot again. You will be able to cover grounds around the perimeter of the boat within your casting radius.