10 Facts about Marine Creatures that Will Amaze You

January 16, 2016

It is always astonishing to see how nature works, here are 10 amazing facts about marine creatures.


1. Hypnotized sharks


The actual term is called tonic immobility. We are still not certain of its function but if you put your palm on the nose of a shark and flip it on its back, it will become dead still. Now you will know what to do when you see a shark's fin emerge beside you when you are swimming.



2. Barnacle glue


Barnacles are one of the most hated marine lifeform to boaters because of the strong superglue they create that can virtually stick to any surface. The amazing fact is that this glue actually binds together exactly the same way our blood does when it clots. In the future, the doctors may just use barnacles glue to stick your fractured bones together.



3. Octopus the shape shifter


The octopus is not only a master of shape shifting but is able to mimick its background by changing their colour and the texture of its skin. As it can change shape easily, it is also known for being the greatest escape artist because it can squeeze into any gap that you think is impossible for it to escape from.



4. Stingray's unconditional love


Female stingrays are known to give birth to their young when they are caught. Sensing that they are going to die soon in captivity, they will give birth, sometimes even when the fetuses are not mature yet. The babies maybe born with tiny yellow yolks still sticking to their bellies. Next time when you catch a stingray, save the whole family by releasing it.



5. Romantic pufferfish