Pokemon Hunting in the Middle of the Sea!

August 28, 2016

I'm sure everyone of you is familiar with Pokemon hunting at playgrounds and parks, but what can you find in the middle of the sea?


Let us go on board Artemis to find out!


Not long after we set sail, we had a 2-headed bird flew on deck.

The Duduo was very wary of the surroundings especially with its two pairs of eyes. It flew away even before we could reach for our pokeballs.


Returning to the helm, a Poliwhirl was spotted exchanging punches with the control sticks.

Artemis had to slow down to tame this slippery fella.


Of course whenever you are on water, this Pokemon will definitely come and join in the fun.


The Squirtle didn't want to be left behind by riding on Artemis's waves too.


Out of a sudden, Artemis started to swerve sharply! It was Nidoran taking over control of the compass bearings!