7 Ways You Can Catch Your Own Dinner at a Kelong

March 5, 2016

A kelong is a wooden structure in the sea a distance from shore, where fish farmers rear fish in nets suspended from stilts.

When currents are strong or the weather unfriendly, these structures attract other fish, usually smaller species, to seek shelter underneath. Moreover, as some of the fish feed invariably sink faster than the reared fish may get at them, some of the fish below occasionally enjoy a free meal.When schools of small fish decide to hangout under the kelong, it is only time till the larger fish catch on to the easy pickings there.

Enter the angler and before long, some kelongs converted entirely to catering to customers. Anyone can now go stay a few days to enjoy the sun and sea, and of course catch some fish.Due to the diverse species present, even the absolute beginner can catch something using one of the methods below.



1) Sabiki hooks

These are pre-tied sets of small hooks targeted at small fish like selars, scads and herrings. These have to be constantly moved to mimic the micro-organisms that small fish feed on. Sometimes when a shoal passes by, it is not surprising to see anglers hauling a full line of wriggling fish from the sea.

Difficulty level : *



2) Bottom- Baiting (Small bait)

Small cubes of prawn/ fish/ sotong bait dropped straight down to mid or bottom level. Anglers can expect to catch b