10 Types of Anglers You will Definitely Meet

December 9, 2015


When you go fishing, you are bound to meet many kinds of anglers. It will be even more obvious to notice their behaviour when you are confined on a boat together in the middle of the sea for a few nights. Let's see how many of them have you encountered and which type do you belong to.


1. The Clumsy Angler


They are potential hazards to everyone fishing around them. They often forget to open the bail arm during casting, resulting in the sinker, bait and of course hooks to swing back violently. Not to mention that they are able to cast anywhere except the spot straight ahead of them. Usually you will not set hook into your own flesh but the clumsy angler standing next to you will carry out the job.



2. The Tackle Freak


He has a cabinet in his living room showcasing the range of reels and rods that he owns, and very likely most of them have never been used. He is more of a collector than an angler. Once a while he will take one of his priced reel out and marvel at his own reflection on the glossy finishes.



3. The 'Dabao' King 


'Dabao' is a term in chinese dialect which means 'packet'. In local Singaporean context, it means 'take-away' and to an angler, it means keeping the fish inside the plastic bag. To be the 'king' of take-aways, bascially you have to be able to consume anything and everything that you can catch. Be it baby fish, cute fish, poisonous fish, shoe... wait a minute, can a shoe be eaten?


Slogan of a 'Dabao' King in local language: 'Can eat or not doesn't matter, if I throw back, other people will also catch it. Keep it first lar.'



4. The Super Well Prepared Angler 


He has all the different types of rigs tied and ready. Whatever items you forget to bring, he will have a spare to lend to you. Whenever you are too lazy or meet with a fishing frenzy and your hands are trembling too much with excitement to tie any rigs, he will have all the types of rigs you will need in his pouch. He is no doubt welcomed by most anglers.