Funny Local Fish Nicknames that you have to know

Singaporeans are known for a lot of things like being kiasu (afraid to lose), speaking Singlish, behaving orderly, affinity to queuing, etc. There is one thing I like best is the humour. Singaporeans can make jokes at almost anything including fishing. Here is a list of fish nicknames that Singaporeans gave.

1. Bata

Everyone knows this brand of shoe because this is sort of the official white school shoes in Singapore. It is white and has a standard shoe print.

And this is why Remora fish got it's nickname - look at the remarkably resemblance of the 'print' on it's forehead with Singapore's official school shoes.

It actually uses that 'Bata shoe print' as a suction to stick itself onto bigger sea creatures such as sharks or whales. And in local context, sea turtles. There are many sea turtles in Singapore waters though we wonder where they can find a place to lay their eggs. Whenever we see sea turtles swimming around, there will be a high chance that we can catch a Bata during the Novice Angler's Course.

2) Banana

This is one of the most common fish you can catch during the Beginner Angler's Course. We are not really sure how this Butterfly Whiptail got its banana nickname but we guess that it is because of that yellow strip on its body plus it curves its body like a banana?

Or it tastes like a banana? You will have to ask our favourite student of the academy - Purrie, to find out. Because there are only two things in her life - Sleeping

And munching on fresh banana from the sea.

3) Arumugam