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Location: Pulau Aceh, Malaysia


Kelong is a malay word for a wooden offshore platform built primarily for fishing. They can be found only in this region of the world, Southeast Asia. As countries are getting urbanised, many kelongs were demolished to make way for modern fish farming methods. Nowadays only a handful are left and some of which are converted for anglers to stay onboard for leisure fishing.


It is an opportunity of a lifetime to experience this unique way of fishing in the middle of the sea, and yet enjoy the comfort of stable ground. To an angler who is proned to sea sickness, this will be a fishing paradise. It is a matter of time before this old fishing trade is totally gone. Hop on board now before it is too late.




As this is a traditional fishing plaform, the facilities are very basic.

- Common sleeping area with double deck beds

- Common toilets, bath and washing basin

- Television set at common area

- Free WiFi


Beginner Angler's Course
It is strongly recommended you attend the Beginner Angler's Course prior to this trip to fully enjoy the fun of fishing.




Minimum 6 anglers.




All ages.

(Children below 12 year olds must be accompanied by at least an adult.)




- Guidance from our friendly and experience fishing master

- All land and sea transport

- Accomodation on board kelong

- All meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper

- Free flow of plain drinking water, coffee and tea

- Biscuits as snacks throughout the day

- Squid bait for fishing

- Ice for storage of catch




Recommended fishing gear:

- Light fishing setup for catching bait fish and squid

- Medium fishing setup for targeting predatory fish

- Fishing rod rental ($15 per rod)

- Fishing reel rental ($15 per reel)

- Necessary basic fishing accessories i.e. hooks, line and sinkers, are included when you rent a set of fishing rod and reel.




- All entry and exit visas, health and all other necessary documents (if required)

- Passport has at least 6 months validity from date of travel

(You may be denied entry to Malaysia without the above documents. Refund will not be provided in these cases.)

- Travel insurance

- Money (currency: Ringgit) for tidbits and other beverages

- Plastic bags or ice box to take back your catch

- Sun block

- Sunglasses

- Raincoat (umbrella is not recommended)



per pax (full board)

per child

(4-11 years old)





Day 1


07:15 am - Leave for kelong*

10:30 am - Reached jetty for boarding

11:00 am - Board ferry to kelong

12:00 pm - Lunch (3 dish and 1 soup)

01:00 pm - Fishing

06:00 pm - Dinner (3 dish and 1 soup)

07:00 pm - Fishing

09:00 pm - Supper

(You can request the kitchen to cook your catch**)


Day 2


07:30 am - Breakfast

08:30 am - Fishing

12:00 pm - Lunch (3 dish and 1 soup)

01:00 pm - Fishing

06:00 pm - Dinner (3 dish and 1 soup)

07:00 pm - Fishing

09:00 pm - Supper


Day 3


07:30 am - Breakfast

08:30 am - Fishing

11:00 am - Lunch (3 dish and 1 soup)

12:30 pm - Board ferry back to jetty

03:30 pm - Reach Singapore*


* Travel time is approximate 3 hours from Singapore. There is only 1 pickup point.

** The cook may request the fish to be gut first by yourself. Cooking method is strictly deep fried only.


The schedule stated above are for reference only and may subject to changes depending on the trip conditions.


Getting hooked after fishing on stilts? Time to learn more knowledge in the Novice Angler's Course.

Kelong trip available dates:

If your preferred date is not listed above, we can organise a trip on your date if there are sufficient anglers.
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